Must Read Stuff From Eric Rhoads

Why Jeff Bezos Will Revitalize Newspapers A message from Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads   $250 million. That’s all Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos paid for the Washington Post, which was once worth several billion dollars. $70 million. That’s all John Henry paid on Friday for the Boston Globe, a paper the New York Times acquired for $1.1 billion in 1993. Next to nothing. That’s... Read More →

Happy Birthday Nikola

It’s Nikola Tesla’s Birthday.   Marconi invented radio?   NOT!!!  Tesla is the REAL inventor of Radio.   What a fascinating person.   Read his bio here!  Read More →

The Fast Food Top Ten

Panera High Calorie
So you look for a car that gets good MPG (miles per gallon).    So when you go for a meal maybe you should look for the most CPM (calories per meal).   Well, here’s the top ten list of the most calories per meal.   Enjoy!  Click here for the story.   Read More →

STATION ATTACKED: Dan Comes to the Rescue

The Intruder tries to get on the microphone (literally) to call for help from his posse....or is it his passel?
Tuesday morning. Just another normal morning at the KSLQ studios. At least that’s what the staff thought. Security was tight as usual. Everyone had their ID tags on. All staff had been cleared through the metal detectors by the RSA (Radio Security Administration) team. The women were all in compliance with the new NFL stadium rules and only had a small clutch purse with them. All of the male... Read More →

Westplex Twister Confirmed by NOAA

Tornado Damage Aerial 3 20130531
The National Weather Service at Weldon Spring has confirmed it was a tornado that tore through St. Charles County Friday Night. For the complete story click here. Read More →

ReMax Stars Hit With HUGE Six Figure Phone Bill From Hackers

ReMax Balloon Logo
If you’ve every listened to KSLQ, chances are you’ve heard Melissa Bream, the owner/broker of Re/Max Stars in St. Peters and Wentzville.  Melissa has been in the news because of a LARGE phone bills she received. Phone bills for close to THREE-QUARTERS of a million dollars for ONE MONTH!   Melissa’s company was the victim of phone hackers. Read the whole story here in today’s... Read More →

2013…Like a Snow Ball To the Face?

Well, we hope not.   Happy Holidays from KSLQ.   It’s a time to look back at 2012.   But don’t get too comfortable, because Read More →

It’s Back…but Today it’s Q Cyber Tuesday!

The response to Q Cyber Monday was so good that we decided to do it again.   But with different ad packages that give Read More →

KSLQ Helps Increase Your Sales

How’s your business doing for 2012?   Not so good?  Maybe you need to Read More →

Fern & Sycamore in WashMo

Walk through the door and you know you’re in a special place.   It’s Fern & Sycamore.  A new gift store with Read More →