Month: September 2012

Fern & Sycamore in WashMo

Walk through the door and you know you’re in a special place.   It’s Fern & Sycamore.  A new gift store with a BIG difference.   EVERYTHING is made in America!    You have to see Fern & Sycamore to appreciate it.   And guys, there’s lots of things for you including a huge selection of knifes. Fern & Sycamore, on the corner of Elm and 4th Street in downtown Washington. Check out their Facebook page by clicking...

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We Were Video Before Video

KSLQ is working with our clients to give them exposure and marketing on the air and on the web.   One of our favorite tools is VIDEO!  I get asked all the time, “Hey, you’re a radio guy…what do you know about video?” Well, take a look at one of my very first pre-video videos done on Super 8 film (not regular 8, but SUPER 8….very high tech for the time).   I used to borrow my Dad’s Kodak movie camera and off we went.   I started producing true video (remember Ampex 2 inch Quad Video Tape Recorders???) not long...

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