Month: January 2014

Protected: STS TIMB

1.  Prospect new clients who would like to have their business featured on TIMB. Who to prospect?   Possibilities include current clients, OCOC members, real estate agents, etc. 2.  Close the clients, schedule them and have them pay. They can pay on the website, or we can bill them.    It would probably be best to not start the show until we have at least three to four weeks sold and scheduled. 3.  Schedule them for a recording session . Since they are going to get promos and ads the week of their show you will need to record them at least a week previous to their air date.  Not only will you be recording the actual show, you need to get them to give you a promo line.  Something like  “This is Waldo Dubinsky and this is my business.  I own and operate The Waffle Factory.  Find out more about my business this Saturday morning at 9 AM on This Is My Business here on KSLQ”   Brad can help you with a recording practice session or two prior to your first actual recording session. 4.  Required Show Length Each Segment should be about 12 to 13 minutes. 5.  Edit and Upload Edit the show and process the show for maximum level.   Then upload the show on Box.   Brad will create a new box account just for TIMB. 6. ...

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A New Business Show Starts Soon

The news is filled with stories about big companies.   States, counties, and cities seem to be always courting businesses to move into  or expand their businesses.   However, the majority of the jobs are created by small to medium size companies.  You never hear much about those companies.   That’s why we’ve started This is My Biz” It’s a weekly show that’s all about Small Biz and it’s impact on the local area.  Every week Shelley Barr will talk with business owners and managers to find out what they do and to help promote their business. “This Is My Biz” will...

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