Month: May 2014

DreamLines – Wedding Dress Sketch

You are getting married. You have picked out a dress that is uniquely you. Your son or daughter will begin a new chapter in their life as they marry the person of their dreams. What would capture that moment in time…very personal, very elegant. The Wedding, beautiful. The Bride, stunning. The Day, perfect. Nikki Gentry has the perfect gift idea, that will be as timeless as the dress, as the moment. A DreamLines Wedding Dress Sketch. A DreamLines Sketch is a personalized, wedding dress sketch, along with the suit, bouquet and even the shoes. These customized pieces of art...

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Youth by Heather Joy – Heather Joy

Does it seem that days are going by faster as you get older? Do you look in the mirror and say to yourself… Well, that can’t be accurate! Do you feel much younger than the person looking back at you? Heather Joy with Youth by Heather Joy, knew just how you feel. She was seriously considering a little nip-tuck on her neck. She came across a product, one single product, that has given her the youthful appearance that she was looking for, without the nip and tuck! Heather Joy loved this product so much that she started her own...

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Heller Chiropractic and Wellness Centre – Dr. Jennifer Heller, DC, PTA

Have you heard of the place where “Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Meet? If not, then you have a chance to meet Dr. Jennifer Heller, DC, PTA of the Heller Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. Dr. Jennifer Heller, or, “Dr. Jen” as her patients call her, combines her background in physical therapy and her chiropractic training to relieve her patients’ pain. Most practices focus on either chiropractic work or physical therapy, but in her office, they focus on both and have found that the best results are achieved by combining the two treatments. Dr. Heller not only addresses the need of...

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