TV Reporter Reporting About Missing Man Finds Him

Missing Person Reporter Thumbnail 20130531 JPG
Talk about breaking news.   A TV reporter who was reporting about a missing man has the man walk right up to him.     As you watch the video the man who casually walks up behind the reporter is the subject of the search. Read More →

It’s Your Business With Tracy Ellis for May 25th

TracyEllisHeadShot Tight CROP
Tracy is back again with another edition of It’s Your Business with Tracy Ellis, brought to you by Amazing Siding and Windows. Here’s the show that aired on May 25th and May 26th. Read More →

Real Estate Today May 25th

Melissa Bream and Tracy Ellis are on the air every Saturday mornings at 9 AM with lots of good info if you’re buying or selling your home. This is the show from Saturday, May 25th, 2013. Lots of new listing this week. Read More →

Hello, Mom? Yeah, It’s Me…WILL FERRELL!

Will Ferrell Answers Phone During Interview Frame Grab 20130524
So Will Ferrell is being interviewed. One of the reporters who is doing the interview is recording Will on her cell phone. In the middle of the interview the cell phone rings and Will answers the phone. It’s the reporters Mom! And Will has a nice conversation with the reporters Mom. Funny Stuff. Read More →

Will the Real Major Tom Stand Up (Or at Least Float)

Space Oddity
Remember Bowie’s Space Oddity?   Here’s a modern re-do done in space.   Cool video. Read More →

Looked Like a Good Idea, But(t)…..

So Mr. Macho was gonna show off his diving skills. Lots of buildup, and then the EPIC FAIL. OUCH! Read More →

ReMax Stars Hit With HUGE Six Figure Phone Bill From Hackers

ReMax Balloon Logo
If you’ve every listened to KSLQ, chances are you’ve heard Melissa Bream, the owner/broker of Re/Max Stars in St. Peters and Wentzville.  Melissa has been in the news because of a LARGE phone bills she received. Phone bills for close to THREE-QUARTERS of a million dollars for ONE MONTH!   Melissa’s company was the victim of phone hackers. Read the whole story here in today’s... Read More →

San Diego Airport is BUSY

San Diego Airport Planes Screen Grab 20130516
What a cool video!   A time lapse video of every plane that landed at Lindbergh Field in San Diego.  The video spans 4 plus hours. Read More →

Baseball At Less Than Half Price

It’s been said that the purest form of baseball is minor league. The River City Rascals may be minor league, but it’s major fun for the entire family. Here’s a special deal for 2013 season. Get a voucher that’s good for a box Seat at any of the home games and save 54%. Normally $11, it’s yours for only a Fiver. Snarf up the deal now on by clicking on this link. Read More →