What’s the best way to get your Announcement on the air?

We require that all announcements be put on a special form.  We are currently using a One Hundred Dollar Bill as our  announcement form.   Just write what you want us to say on the air on the back of our special form and mail it to us!

But seriously, folks, we run PSAs (public service announcements) all the time and are more than happy to help promote your charitable, not-for-profit,  or fund-raising event.

If you’re in the WashMo area, you can post your event on our site yourself.   Just go to the bottom of the page and click on the “ADD EVENTS” tab and you’re on your way to getting you event on-line and on the air.  This site gets lots of hits.   We use this site for things we promote on the air as well.  Or,  please e-mail the information to

Better yet, record a video promoting your event and we will post it here on

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