KSLQ is working with our clients to give them exposure and marketing on the air and on the web.   One of our favorite tools is VIDEO!  I get asked all the time, “Hey, you’re a radio guy…what do you know about video?”

Well, take a look at one of my very first pre-video videos done on Super 8 film (not regular 8, but SUPER 8….very high tech for the time).   I used to borrow my Dad’s Kodak movie camera and off we went.   I started producing true video (remember Ampex 2 inch Quad Video Tape Recorders???) not long after this.   And yes, that’s me in the video (film?) shot in May of 1973.   I sure wish I had my  ’62 Pontiac Safari wagon back.

So I can say I’ve been around video for awhile.   Now, how can we help you promote your business with electronic or digital media and especially VIDEO?